american vulgaria

About Us

The foulmouthed roughneck is produced not by society’s sexism but by society’s absence. For nature is the most foulmouthed of us all.” – Camille Paglia

AMERICAN VULGARIA is an art and culture magazine [web + print] based in Missoula, MT. We publish art, criticism, essays, interviews, poetry, fiction, theory, videos, photography, love letters, erotica, sleaze, screeds, sermons, and manifestos. Our interests are both eclectic and fanatical, with Truth and Beauty as our only guiding principles. At AMERICAN VULGARIA, we accept idiocy and irrationality as concomitants of freedom and joy, and we deny any obligation to participate in our age’s neurotic, cynical, performative obsessions with public health, safety, sustainability, etc. etc. We appreciate the artist’s ethical preference for aesthetic assault over moral adherence to the mainstream. We believe in God, angels, and demons; the sacred, the profane, the abject, the sublime. This publication is run by our founder and editor Ryan Simón.


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