AMERICAN VULGARIA is an independent art and culture magazine based in Missoula, MT. We exist to defend artistic freedom against ideological corruption; to promote gratitude for — not censorship of — the arts. Our approach to art and culture mirrors our commitment to free speech and expression: all ideas are open to entertainment, and we believe that an entertained idea does not equal an accepted one.

We are artists for art’s sake.

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“Vulgar” stems from the Latin vulgus, which means “common person” and not simply “saying naughty things.” Our universal baseline is vulgar: rot and reproduction, digestion and excretion, bodily urges and subconscious impulses — these are the things that connect us, regardless of class lines or moral differences. The best art doesn’t evade our base vulgarity. It confronts and transmogrifies our vulgar baseline into something beautiful and enlightening; and under conditions of excess beauty and enlightenment, art reminds us of our inner murk and darkness.

Conversely, we also chose the name “Vulgaria” to map the feeling (and outright observation) that today’s media landscape — from social media to news media to Disney — has been engineered to prey on our lowest, or most vulgar, instincts. Vulgaria is a nation of saliva-inducing drugs called “medicine,” of mass-marketed sex called “Instagram,” of fat- and salt-loaded starch called “food” — all of which both feeds and consumes our evolutionary compulsion towards survival.

We are not above Vulgaria: deep down, we are all Vulgarians, whether we like it or not. AMERICAN VULGARIA is simply an absurdist’s attempt to set the record straight.

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