EVERY THURSDAY, here you’ll find a short list of three little birds singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true — a mini-comp covering the best new music, music videos, underappreciated songs, and so on. These might be big-time artists with big, new hits, small-time musicians we stumbled across on social media, or even iconic musicians from the past whose songs may help us better understand today.

This Thursday’s Three Little Birds are Tash Sultana (“Can’t Buy Happiness”), Annalise Azadian (“Drive Slow”), and Kevin Abstract (“THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING” or “Big Wheels”).


“Can’t Buy Happiness” by Tash Sultana

Australia’s barefoot, reggae-folk rocker Tash Sultana is a musical octopus, packing as much energy and versatility into her layered, loop-pedaled music as a five-man band. After uploading a video of herself performing “Jungle” in her home, Tash quickly shot to the top, playing at major music festivals and selling out world-tour performances. Her new single “Can’t Buy Happiness” comes in anticipation of another big tour.

After listening to “Can’t Buy Happiness,” here’s what you’ll want to do: head to triple j’s YouTube channel and listen to Tash Sultana’s incredible cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” (Or just click the link here.)


I crouch in the snow
Don’t want to let the moment go
Kiss me on the tip of my nose
Come home to my freshly folded up clothes
I take the time that I’m given
Blame it on myself
Sitting here
About the time’s that we had, the time’s that we lost
And I guess I’m holding on
‘Cause I only ever wanted
To feel free
‘Cause money can’t buy, buy my happiness
And don’t you know I’ve tried
And I’ve tried all of this
And it don’t mean a thing
And no it don’t mean
No it don’t mean
And no it don’t mean
And no, no, no


“Drive Slow” by Annalise Azadian

NY-based singer and songwriter Annalise Azadian fell on our radar in association with Sim from the Hill (@simfromthehill), an NY-rapper, and BUSSDOWN TEES (@bussdowntees). With an ear for music and an eye on fashion, Annalise’s artistic abilities are multisensual and entrepreneurial — and, really, just fucking cool and intriguing. In short, IG lead us to Annalise (@annaliseazadian) and, consequently, to her hypnotic slow jam “Drive Slow” — a new song that departs from Annalise’s previous acoustic work towards a more soulful sound — and, now, we bring it to you.


What’s the rush?
I can’t be fallin’ in love
So, I’m afraid that’s enough
‘Cause, boy, I have grown to love your touch
I cannot get too close
‘Cause you know, oh you know I’m on the go
I can’t be losing control
Boy, it’s not your fault, not your fault at all
You know you’re my type, I just don’t got the time
When I pull up on the eastside, you can hit my line
You can hit it once, but I can’t stay for the night
Put your feelings to the side and just come for the rideCan’t get me caught up, because I can’t be falling
When I’m on the road, can we take things slow?
You’re busy calling, can’t come to the phone

Can we slow things down?
Can we take some time?
Pump your brakes and drive slow, drive slow

Goin’ through the motions
I got no peace of mind
I cannot lose focus, I’m tryna hold tight
Goin’ a minute a mile
Like fire and desire [ours don’t collide(?)]
Now I’m runnin’ on my own time
While they checkin’ on my timeline
Pocketwatchin’ all the dollar signs
You wanna ride passenger side
But I take a left when you take a right
And I’m on your mind but you’re not on mine
I’m just thinkin’ ‘bout my own grind
Can’t be worried ‘bout what you like
I’m just worried ‘bout what I like
Can’t miss out on the limelight
Maybe when the time’s right, I would change my mind

Can’t get me caught up, because I can’t be falling
When I’m on the road, can we take things slow?
You’re busy calling, can’t come to the phone

Can we slow things down?
Can we take some time?
Pump your brakes and drive slow, drive slow

Drive slow, woah
Drive slow, drive slow

Can’t we slow things down?
Can we take some time?
Pump your brakes and drive slow, drive slow


“THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING” by Kevin Abstract

Brockhampton’s YouTube channel lists this video as “THE 1-9-9-9 IS COMING,” yet Shazam titled the track “Big Wheels” (as it’s also listed on the Ghettobaby EP released today, but whatever). Either way, this song represents Kevin Abstract’s first full song associated with his new solo project Arizona Baby, an album Abstract is “slowly releasing” over time. Since Brockhamptom’s final full-length album Iridescence released last year, only the team’s frontman Kevin Abstract has hinted at releasing a new album, teasing his fans with album art and sporadic song uploads. Kevin Abstract’s previous solo albums include 2016’s American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story and 2014’s MTV1987.


Big wheels on top, my
Heart rate don’t stop, you
Might as well call the cops, fame
Turned a nigga to a opp, I
Been down so low, seen the floor
Turn boat loads into echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes
My niggas ain’t see no more cash
I got rich way too fast
My mama still work at Sonic, nigga
I didn’t even finish college, nigga
Got a lot of guilt inside of me
My niggas back home ain’t proud of me
They think I’m a bitch, just queerbaitin’
Quit bein’ a bitch and quit hatin’
Y’all pump fakin’
I’m a power bottom like a Free Mason
Y’all stuck playin’, that’s complacent, I’m cum-chasin’
My niggas back home got fundraisers
So self-centered, I’m amazin’
Took a nigga years, got dumb patience
Dumb, dumb parents what I been sayin’
Should’ve shook them niggas off like some dumb braces
Runnin’ from nothin’, and the haunted are somethin’
Tell my baby I want him, he keep me up when we fussin’
Under the sheets when we touchin’
I keep his work just to function
I can’t hear him or nothin’, for that, my nigga, we jumpin’