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Fowl Specimen

A forum to observe the fowlest specimens on the internet.
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"I Love It" by Kanye West & Lil PumpBy H.S. von Vogelsang0 Answers · 346 ViewsLast post by H.S. von Vogelsang5 months ago
By H.S. von Vogelsang
5 months ago
Jordan Peterson vs. Sam Harris (Post-Debate)By Ryan Simón0 Answers · 298 ViewsLast post by Ryan Simón8 months ago
By Ryan Simón
8 months ago
Alex Jones' Greatest MomentBy H.S. von Vogelsang0 Answers · 272 ViewsLast post by H.S. von Vogelsang11 months ago
By H.S. von Vogelsang
11 months ago